Australian Pictorials Is For Sale

The website Australian Pictorials is being placed up for sale and is open to reasonable
offers. The website has over 1,500 display pages of Australian Towns and they could be
utilized by an astute company for advertising on all those pages that features each
individual town around Australia. It’s the largest photo data base of its type in Australia
and has most towns listed.

The Sale Includes:

150,790 - Full quality photos of towns around Australia.
Located in 1,587 individual named folders placed in their different states of Australia.
558 GB in all of photos with copyright control.
Around 1,400 in Videos of Australian towns and items of interest around Australia. Some
of these will also have separate photo’s for those as well.
They will all be put onto a portable hard drive for your use as you see fit.  

Thousands of hours of individual photography work has gone into making these pictorials
including years of extensive travelling.
The website has grown over many years and the owner is retiring from making the
pictorials as he’s done most towns around Australia now.

It’s a valuable marketing resource for the right type of company interested in reaching out
to people for tourism and advertising purposes.

The software for running the site is free and the present owner can instruct new owners
how to manage the existing site. Or they can just rebuild the site as they please using the url.
The site hosting can be transferred over to the new owner ready to use if they want it that

This is a massive tourism resource opportunity for any company interested in expanding
their tourism and marketing options.

Please respond if you wish to make an offer:

Australian Pictorials
PO Box 4145
Geelong, Victoria 3220

Any further questions just email me:
John Boom